Majakani Kanza is traditional herbal remedy from village Aceh Indonesia, which had become hereditary villagers potions there for decades, to be used as his secret intelligent women. Healthy women who care about the cleanliness off the area her nature. The subtance or composition majakani kanza 100% herbal without chemical and preservatives.


Benefit Majakani Kanza:

* Kills germ and bacteria that cause a sense of itching in your miss V.

* Clean the crust and dirt in your vagina membrane.

* Eliminates unpleasant odors in morbidly miss V.

* Prevent and eliminate the whitish.

* Enabling and bend back the lining of the vagina.

* Prevent the occurrence of cancers associated with female reproductive organs.

* Exit dirt from miss V and miss V will feel narrow and you will feel back virgin.

* Curing many diseases: cysts, tumors of the uterus, myoma, candyloma, etc.

* Eliminating bacteria/virus

* Cleaning ruling at the moment postnatal 40 days after birth.

How to use Majakani Kanza:

* Unusual vaginal discharge, for routine maintenance, eliminates bacteria on miss v, urinary tract infections, tighten and constrict miss v, miss v that smell and itch, launched mentruation: enter majakani kanza to miss V 1-2 times a week @1 pcs.

* Whitish severe: enter majakani kanza to miss V 1-2 times a week @2 pcs at time.

* Cysts/myom/tumors in the uterine wall: enter majakani kanza to miss V, a week 1-2 times @2-3 pcs at once and accompanied by 4 grain drink in the evening meal.

* If miss V clean state/normal, majakani kanza it would make a mat and vagina and last until approximately 1 week.

* Special to virgins who whitish or for mothers who are afraid to enter into miss V: majakani kanza drink 2 pcs in the morning and 2 pcs at night after eating. But if the morning forget to drink, then the drink may also diretly 4 pcs at night.


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